The Pirate

Weathering the heaviest of storms beyond the Avarik waters, Glacia’s Legendary Pirate is slippery and sharp as ice. Attacks from him will surely pierce through any opponent smooth and biting as the cold ocean wind.
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The Glacian seas are the roaming ground for many pirates and privateers, but none are more famous than Alainon himself that whenever someone refers to ‘the Pirate’, everyone knows who they’re talking about.

He was the lovechild of a deckhand and a bar waitress, who after childbirth didn’t want anything to do with him. So, Alainon grew up on the ship his father worked on, helping around in exchange for lodging and food. Eventually, the boy got close with the captain of the ship and the other sailors, becoming part of the crew himself.

When he was still a teenager, their ship set out during a big thunderstorm… and came face to face with Jormunsorm the Maelstrom itself. It was a pity no one on the crew heeded the warning, for the mythical creature destroyed the ship, drowning the captain, his father, and most of the crew. Only he and a few others were left adrift.

After two days floating amongst the wreckage, a merchant ship saw them and took them in. They were cold and hungry, but while the other sustained some form of sickness or injury, Alainon was otherwise unharmed. They all had time to recover and regain their strength, and when they did, Alainon led them to commandeer the vessel. It was easy work. Afterwards, he gathered more crew and turned the merchant boat into his own, renaming it Solent after his old captain, Sol. They started operating as pirates in the Glacian seas to survive.

Out on the seas, young men aren’t much respected as captains, so Alainon likes to maintain a shaggy appearance to look older and more rugged. For him, people who believe that being underestimated is an advantage are simply deluding themselves. Instead, he said, “If I could save myself the trouble of a fight just by sheer intimidation, why not?”

Alainon is also a no-fuss guy. His weapon of choice? The simple and unglamorous pistol. It’s small, efficient, and easily replaceable—so easy, in fact, that he always carries at least four of them. It’s a good thing that his aim is sharp as ice, thanks to a lifetime of training on the rocking hull of a ship. Once he sets his eye on a target, his bullets will not miss.

Today, Solent is both the most feared and respected ship across the oceans. Alainon, with his first mate and lover Olla by his side, stands on its helm. They keep weapons, tools, and medicine for themselves, while rare materials and valuables are sold to their clandestine contacts, most of whom are Tenebrisians or traders from the Mirage Market.

Ambitious and cunning, the Glacian Pirate cares only for a few people, but those he loves, he would protect with his life. He also harbors a secret yearning to travel beyond the thunderstorms. This was fueled by his past encounter with the legendary Jormunsorm, which he survived virtually unscathed. Alainon suspects that it is a sign that he might be the one to uncover the secret that has fazed Glacians for many centuries.