The Dragon Mage

With the blood of the dragon flowing through her veins, Ignis Legendary Dragon Mage is hell’s flame incarnate.
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With the blood of the mighty dragon flowing through her veins, the Ignis Legendary Dragon Mage is hell’s flame incarnate. Her gaze burns brighter than the sun and flames shoot like arrows from her fingertips.

Dee has always had a courageous heart and is not afraid to show it. As a young girl, she would explore places that no grownup even dared venture into. It was a nightmare for her middle-class parents, who had wanted nothing more than for their only daughter to attend the prestigious Calidum Academy and hoist the family name.

Dee was especially attracted to fire. She would spend hours watching the flickering candle and wonder about how something that looked so flimsy could reduce an entire village to mere ashes and char. The fascination never abated, even as she grew into a maiden. She collected matches like they were coins, and was drawn to wherever there was an open flame.

She remembered the day when a dragon came upon Calidum and the knight Ignacio fought fearlessly. It was not his becoming a Royal Guard that had stuck with her, but rather the ravenous dragon and its glorious flames.

Dee wanted to feel that, too. She wanted to face a creature so magical and soak in every single inch of its blazing inferno. She wanted to run her hands down a dragon’s head and ask the secret to harnessing nature’s most beautiful element. She realized that she wanted a dragon’s soul in her own, and this became an obsession.

So Dee spent many years locating the lair of the dragons, but it seemed like they did not want to be found. She almost fell into despair, until a chance encounter changed her life forever.

In an isolated corner of the Western Desert, she found a dragon, alone and dying. Touched by the vulnerability of the creature, Dee lost all intention to slay the dragon and claim its soul. She tried to help, but the dragon was a thin veil away from death, and it sensed her pure heart.

The dragon blew its last breath into Dee’s very soul, giving her its blood and the essence of its ferocious flames. And thus Dee the Dragon Mage was born. From then on, she vowed to use the gentle dragon’s power to make the world a better place.