The Dragon Knight

Ignis Legendary Dragon Knight is the feistiest of them all and he never backs down from a challenge, because victory favors this bloodthirsty knight.
royal guard
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Hailing from the slums of Calidum, Ignacio was abandoned as a baby and raised by the local commoners. He survived on the kindness of strangers for most of his childhood, but tired of living in obscurity and daily struggles, the boy resolved to become the best swordsman in the kingdom.

As he slowly fought his way through the best fighters in the Calidum Colosseum, Ignacio made a name for himself. Yet despite his growing popularity, he realized he was merely a mortal living off this transient fame.

One day, the ancient dragon Kilghora descended upon the City of Calor and the young man saw an opportunity for eternal glory. Though whether it was pure luck that the the dragon did not attack with its usual prowess or something else completely, it is a story for another day.

Through the dragon’s scorching fire and flame, Ignacio marched. It was a bloody battle from which he did not emerge unscathed. Still, at one point, his sword managed to slash its neck open, showering Ignacio with a cascade of crimson blood.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Kilghora's body and mind failed. The Ignisian warrior sensed an invisible struggle within the great creature, and took the chance to slay it. When the dragon succumbed to Ignacio’s steel, its soul seeped into his skin, healing his injuries and granting him immense strength.

King Amar heard of this incredible dragon slayer and invited him to the palace. After a few years of royal training and mission to guard Calidum, the King was impressed by Ignacio’s unending vigor and leadership. He named him the newest Royal Guard who would represent Ignis for the next 20 years.

And though no one would question Ignacio’s loyalty to the King, whisper in the streets is that he has been spotted with the Queen herself, tangled up in hidden corners under the veil of night. This illicit entanglement, undoubtedly, was what brought about the question of the Crown Prince Emeras’ real ancestry.