The Death Knight

They say the Legendary Death Knight exists only in nightmares. He roams the land pillaging lives of those who displease and oppose him.
royal guard
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They say the Legendary Death Knight walks hand in hand with death and darkness. He roams the land pillaging lives of corrupted souls who dishonor the gods, and protecting those who are loyal and devout.

The man behind the mask, Nyxio, comes from a family of magi. Yet when he was born with a mysterious disease, nobody knew how to heal him. As he grew up with a horrendous appearance, he realized that his calling was to learn magic and medicine. It became his life’s purpose to be a physician and pharmacist, and to be his own god of life and death.

Upon completing a year of military training in the local garrison, he matriculated in a pharmacy school, where he met the kind-hearted Zahra, who came to love him despite his hideous scars. Their romance bloomed, and they eventually wedded in the Cathedral of Naaru.

Together, they led a simple life: he worked as a healer and she kept their home warm. The two welcomed a beautiful daughter, Xhila, a year into their marriage, and Nyxio felt this to be the happiest moment of his life—finally creating his own home, a family he loved, and fulfilling his purpose.

Alas, happiness turned out to be but a fleeting state. An incurable plague from the Ocean struck Noxferrum and took many lives, including Zahra’s and Xhila’s. Consumed by guilt and grief, Nyxio traveled the land, seeking aimlessly for ancient knowledge that might be able to bring his loved ones back.

That was when he uncovered an insidious tome rumored to possess resurrection powers. Drunk with hope, he devoted everything to learning this forbidden secret. After a few years of research and obsession, he managed to revive his wife and daughter, except as mindless corpses that were neither dead nor alive.

Once more wrecked by the loss, Nyxio somehow wound up in the Cathedral of Naaru, where he was offered to use his newfound knowledge to benefit the Tenebrisians. Needing a new strength to live on, he accepted this duty and took on the mantle of the Death Knight, blessed by Naaru herself, as the lord and commander of the unliving. He vowed to leverage his power for the good of his kingdom.

During this time, the King’s search for new Royal Guards commenced and his eyes landed on the ghastly but noble Nyxio. King Amar extended his personal offer, which the man gracefully accepted. As the Death Knight with a gallant code, Nyxio prowls the kingdom, quiet but always ready to unleash his macabre powers upon anyone who conspires against the kingdom, and the gods.