The Astro Wizard

Tenebrisian Legendary Astro Wizard’s mysterious link with the universe grants him power that transcends the rules of Nature.
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The Astro Wizard’s name is commended throughout the lands, even by those who aren’t Tenebrisians. His story began with his parents, two lauded astronomers who died of a plague when Xylo was five, too young to properly understand death but old enough to remember their love for celestial objects, and to pursue that same passion.

One day, the then Grand Sorceress was walking around dark corners in Nox’rum when he warned her, “Beware, milady, tonight the stars are falling!”

That very night, the public marveled at a meteor shower like nothing the world had ever seen. But the Sorceress, who knew that shooting stars could cause irreversible land damage if not kept an eye on, was both impressed and intrigued by his timely warning.

She set out to find the young boy and took him in as her own, teaching him sorcery while granting him the resources to master astronomy. She also gifted him the rare Sitora coin, which he used diligently until he nearly perfected the craft of Sitora fortune telling, an ancient Tenebrisian art mastered only by a few. Until today, he still wears the coin as a locket, and its insights have proven invaluable in more cases than one.

Nurtured and facilitated by a talented sorceress, his true power manifested. The constellations in the sky became more than an open tome of fates and fortune for him. Xylo found himself able to draw energy from the twinkling orbs and manipulating an item’s gravity with the waning and waxing of the moon.

For the longest time, his guardian was sure that Xylo would be her successor, despite him being no maiden. However, it was revealed in time that the god-vessel of this century was to be a young woman called Zabinne. Despite that, Xylo thrived and blossomed, combining his special skillset with wizardry to assist the Grand Sorceress with many of her duties.

He started to develop his own specific clientele: people seeking connections with the universe, parents wanting to decipher the stars under which their children are born, and those simply fascinated by the mystery of the skies. His eccentric personality sometimes flusters people, yet it is not a deterrent against them asking for his services.

The people dubbed him the Astro Wizard, and he eventually embraced the title with pride and delight, promising to repay the kindness of the ex-Grand Sorceress by wielding his unique power to serve their people.

Xylo now resides in the Astronomy Tower, spending his days meeting with those who seek his audience—folks who travel far and wide to listen to his sagacity, and aiding in what way he can. Unbeknownst to many, he’s also responsible for much of Noxferrum’s defense, against forces both seen and unseen.