A Tale of Four Gods

One day, four gods came to our world. When Avarus was a place of chaos and darkness, the gods saved us.

Helios took pity on the Western desert and gifted them water.

Izaz punished a sea serpent in the North, bringing peace to the region.

Yggdra harvested potentials in the East, settling roots and creatures to thrive.

And Naaru brought wealth to the South and offered the people prosperity.

These gods brought law and order to the world, and as they bonded with their respective regions, the lands absorbed magic and and powers; the world shifted and changed in the image of her new gods.

Mankind also shifted, seeking and embracing knowledge. As the gods spoke, the mortals created Avarunes, symbols that carried messages from the divine. Leaving their wisdom in Avarunes, the gods grew faith that mankind would soon be ready for independence.

Rumors about their rest traveled fast, yet not a single mortal knew the real truth. However, not long after a mighty dragon went into slumber in the West, a great beast rested in the East, sacred tomes appeared in the North and precious stones emerged in the South, words from the gods stopped finding their ways to mankind.

When tribes crumbled and men cried for gods, no one answered. When monsters rose and people waged wars, no one protected us. Prayers were unheard, sacrifices and offerings deserted, and peace no longer restored. For decades, men fought this idea that they had lost their saviors. For a long time, we struggled to keep faith.

Few remained hopeful amidst the crisis, but many had turned their backs against their faith. The grim realization would soon dawn upon them, that they had been forsaken— the gods have abandoned us.