Act I: Dawn of the Saga

Conflict and discord ravaged the lands; humanity was trapped in an unending stream of conflicts. This was the reality of the realm known as Avarik. Until four Ancient Gods descended from the skies, eager to end the manmade reign of brutality.

Helios, the burning, brought souls in the West.

Izaz, the cold, punished the ungodly serpent to the North.

Yggdra, the fertile, gifted roots and life in the East.


Naaru, the dark, granted magical forces in the South.

By sowing the seeds of their divine wisdom and knowledge, humanity flourished and reaped the fruits of their labor. These blessings bestowed upon them restored order within the lands of Avarik, and this period would later be known as the “Age of Gods”.

Prosperity on the lands never lasted long, for the moment it arrived, the Ancient Gods mysteriously departed. As the gods were nowhere to be found, humanity was once again lost.

The absence of the Ancient Gods gave humanity the poisonous freedom to sate their vain ambitions with newfound strength. This coalesced with mankind’s deepest and darkest desires, which had been festering for a while. And so once more, chaos erupted, plunging the land into a repeated, baneful history.

A spark of hope remained amidst the chaos. At the center of it all, stood Amar. Many questioned his mysterious origin and unorthodox leadership, but none doubted his prowess and finesse. With sheer determination and might, Amar raised an army with one purpose in mind: to reunite the warring kingdoms and tribes of Avarik.

After countless tribulations and hardships, all pledged loyalty to him to form the Kingdom of Avarik. Together, they now call him King Amar. He then rallied his people towards a future devoid of conflicts, replete with harmony and peace. This is the time we now know as the “Age of Heroes”.

This era called forth ambitious and aspiring individuals who desired to mark their names in history. Heroes devoted their might, wisdom, and talent in the service of the kingdom, as well as to prove their loyalty and worth.

King Amar decided to delegate the watch of the lands to his twelve most loyal and trustworthy subjects. To each cardinal direction, the king sent a knight to defend the crown, a sorceress to channel the gods, and a marksman to represent the land. And so one by one, the regions flourished, each with its own unique biomes, cultures, and population.

Ignis is the home to the Ignisian, their passion is reflected in the fiery heat of the Western Desert.

Glacia is the home to the Glacian, their cold and calculating character is encapsulated in the frigid air of the Northern Tundra.

Terra is the home to the Terran, their peaceful nature is represented in the calm and tranquil Eastern Forest.

And finally...

Tenebris is the home to the Tenebrisian, their enigmatic personality is deeply rooted in the mystifying atmosphere of the Southern Valley.

As their influence grows, so does the friction between them. Their differing natures clash against each another, potentially reigniting the thirst of battle between them.

What will happen to the lands of Avarik?

Which one would be the first to crumble?

Where will each draw the line between ambition and honor?

Witness the rise and fall, unveil their fate, and follow their saga.