Act III: Awakening the Fire

“We are Ignis.”

Forged by the the fiery deserts of Calidum, the Ignisians thrive on their way of life. Their history, their culture, their society have lasted for generations, standing the test of time, due to their burning passion.

Dexterous and high spirited, Ignisians excel in both fine arts and the art of war. Be it in craftsmanship and performance arts, duels and military formations, their talents have carried them on through turbulent times.

Yet now the hardest hurdles have presented themselves: drought and famine. Their main water source, the Tears of Helios, has dried up and taken a toll on the Ignisians. The people are getting restless and beginning to whisper of war. Hence, a leader must step up and take action before their anxiety and chaos spill over, dooming the entire kingdom.

Dee the Dragon Mage, a beloved protector of the region, seeks out the one person who holds the key to help Ignis. However, the answer she seeks might not be the one she wants to hear.

Desperate and concerned, Dee flies across Calidum on the back of her faithful dragon, Brazorn, to find Ignacio. It is no easy task, but she finally finds him in the last place that people will go to.

Kilghora’s Barrow is where the remnants of the ancient dragon Ignacio slayed now lie, and it’s where he often goes when he needs to be alone.

There he stands, gazing at the triumph that made him the Dragon Knight. As he loses himself in the past, Dee’s sudden arrival startles him. Ignacio asks how she’d known of his whereabouts.

Dee, however, would not let Ignacio ignore the more pressing matter—the reason she’d sought him out.

I guess it’s true then? You and the queen?”

Ignacio scoffs, “It used to be so simple.”

Worried, Dee points out what Ignacio has done, which might lead to war. “You’ve cut off trade with Terra. You haven’t been making the best... decisions. And everyone’s wondering where you are.”

Both of them know that war might be inevitable. But deep inside, the Dragon Knight is fighting his conscience and the voice inside him. “We can’t go to war.”

If you keep this up, that’s exactly where we’re headed.”

A shadow falls over Ignacio’s face, shrouding his head. Suddenly, his expression shifts, and he vocalizes the dangerous thought that has crossed his mind.

Or maybe we can.”

And in that moment, Dee knows something more sinister is afoot.

Upset by Ignacio’s comments, Dee raises the tone of her voice, trembling anxiously upon hearing what he said, and she asks, “What are you saying?”

She cannot accept what he just said. She came here to convince Ignacio to stop the war before it even starts. But hearing those words from the Dragon Knight’s mouth is something that she did not expect.

Unfortunately, whatever twisted fury that is burning inside of him seems to have sparked something. In his heart and mind, Ignacio believes that now is the time for Ignis to take control of their own destiny.

Maybe it’s time to win. Everyone knows we’re the strong ones. We are Ignis.”

At this point, Dee realizes that this war is not ignited by a broken hearted man whose pride has been wounded. It is, in fact, something sinister, a force or a power that wants to watch the world burn.

Not caring how Dee reacts, Ignacio mounts his jet black steed, preparing himself to ride out to war. But before he leaves, the Dragon Knight extends his hand towards the Dragon Mage.

So what do you say? Shall we give the people what they want?”

You’re crazy.” She takes a step back.

He sighs. “Doesn’t matter. I can do this on my own, as I always do.”

Dee’s eyes widens, as the sweat begins to pour out of her skin. She questions herself and the decision that she has made. Initially, she thought that she could convince Ignacio otherwise, but eventually, she knows that she has failed.

Yet there’s still a ray of hope, somewhere outside of Ignis…. from someone who might be able to change Ignacio’s mind.

In the depth of Terran forests, Queen Medea sits on her throne, listening to Dee talk about the problem arising in Ignis. More specifically, what Ignacio is up to and might do next.

The queen sneers. “You’re a fool to come to me.”

Dee sighs. “I know, but you’re the only one who can change his mind.”

Medea drums her fingers on the throne. “Perhaps I could, but what makes you think I will do anything for Ignacio?” she glares at Dee and smirks. “As you said, you started this mess. Shouldn’t you be able to fix it?”

Dee grows quiet and her fear louder.

A taunting grin appears on Medea’s face. “And what is that thing you always scream? We are Ignis?”

Meanwhile, on the other side of Avarus, Ignacio the Dragon Knight has gathered his army. This is the beginning of a new chapter, a time when Ignis might finally reign.

As Ignacio raises his hands, his soldiers chant: “WE ARE IGNIS!”