Amar: The One King

Marked by the old gods,

The making of a true king,

A man of many thoughts,

Set to change everything.

Born to wear the first crown,

Unifying a kingdom alone,

To then call the land his own,

As Amar ascended the throne.

— Noviel the Bard

Little is known about the first King of Avarik, but Amar came as a stranger to Avarus when the world had just lost her gods. He was young and charming, but he was also naive, as he knew very little of the world. Yet those who found him saw that he bore the markings of the old gods, and so they believed he could be a gift from the gods to save them all.

Then, seeing the world in chaos, Amar decided that someone had to bring peace. He saw it as his duty to build a kingdom that would welcome all, uniting the lands and forming Avarik.

To help him rule, Amar enlisted the help of the Grand Sorceresses, vessels of the four gods; four trusted soldiers from the four regions as Royal Guards; and let each region choose a representative—the Ambassadors. These leaders guided their people, which would later be known as the four factions, each an equal part of the kingdom. In the middle of them all lies the city of Avaritia, where Amar resided.

As he felt the need to be just and fair in his ruling, Amar chose a queen every half a century. The queens would serve as his equals, ruling by his side and acting as the voice of mortals throughout the realm.

The Kingdom thrived, freed from wrongdoings of the past. A kingdom mostly free of strife, attaining their goals and growing as one. Peasants and heroes banded together to fend off various evils.

Amar saw what he has accomplished, as the world he once envisioned became a reality. There he sat on his lofty abode, content by the beauty of union. And yet, parts of his olden self faded little by little, merely becoming fragments from a distant past. Though the ancient marking on his skin remains, his devotion to the gods had abated, for he is now committed to his people. As he is the righteous king, and righteous he shall be forever more.