Map of Avarus

The foundations of Avarus were laid in ancient times by divine hands that have yet to reveal themselves to mankind. Indeed, it was the four Ancient Gods who had saved the first humans from their own savagery, but modern historians and scholars are still debating the true origins of the world. The four known Gods may have gifted them with civilization, yet some believe that there are beings out there even larger and more powerful.

Avarus itself used to be an expanse of a thousand small tribes, each confined to their own little community and ignorant of the rest. Five centuries ago, King Amar rose to leadership and united them all as one dominion. Rivalry and hostility were rife in the old days, but the people of Avarus have now learned to live together in relative peace and harmony, sharing goods and expertise alike.

Avaritia, the bustling capital, lies in the center of the continent, with four main regions surrounding it. Up north are the frozen peaks and icy seas of Vinterberg, where Glacians are devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. In the East, there are rolling hills and rich farmlands as far as the eye can see—domain of the benevolent Terrans. The sun burns the brightest in the West, and it is in these arid but vibrant deserts that the Ignisians thrive. Finally, the mystical Tenebrisians reside in the valleys down south, a land of jagged cliffs and arcane energies.