avaritia Region


In the heart of Avarus lies the city of Avaritia. Located on an island, it started out as a trade hub known as Avari, and slowly transformed into a capital city after the Kingdom of Avarik was formed. Before his reign, Amar had defended this settlement against outside tribes. He vowed to unite the continent and chose this place as the base of his rule. From the ashes of war, Avaritia rose at the dawn of a new kingdom.

The largest city in the continent, Avaritia is the symbol of unity for the people. The capital also serves as the center of government and commerce, where people from different factions and backgrounds live harmoniously, making it the cultural melting pot of Avarus. The different cultures are reflected on the city’s architecture, with stonework inspired by Calidum, elaborate arches and stained glass of Noxferrum, the lush gardens of Grunwald, and the cozy interior of Vinterberg.

The city is also known for its unique cuisine and beverage, such as the bitter Avar Wine from the winery outside the city walls, the sweet and sour Eel Pie from the fishery at the island coast, and the tantalizing Izaz’s Delight, a tasty frozen dessert made of Northern ice, fruits of the East, healthy magical ingredients from the South, and spices from the West.

It is home to 300,000 people, consisting mainly of immigrants from other regions, while the rest are descendants of traders and merchants who had lived here before the kingdom’s formation. Among them, the important and notable ones are King Amar, who has lived here for over 500 years; Varo, the king’s old personal advisor; Noviel the Bard, who originated from Vinterberg but has taken residency in Avaritia; Royal Guards such as Emeras the Crown Prince, Nyxio, Ignacio, Radia; along with Rajka, Li, Elsha, and Arytha serving as the Ambassadors.

Every year, the entire kingdom gathers in Avaritia to commemorate the arrival of the Gods and the peace they brought for mankind. The four factions participate in the parade known as Day of the Divine, praising the Gods while celebrating their diverse cultures and talents. The procession begins with King Amar’s speech, which addresses the current state of the kingdom and recounts his epic journey and struggles of bringing together humanity. Performances and spectacles are put up in front of the king, and a prayer ritual is led by all four Grand Sorceresses. The day culminates with a grand feast for the king and The Protectors of each faction, while the common citizens rejoice along the streets, setting up food stalls, temporary markets, and other festivities.