grunwald Region


Towards the East, past the dense foliage of the Uncharted and over the mountain range, lies the city of Grunheim, the Bastion of the Forest. Many centuries ago, a settlement formed when people of different tribes in Grunwald gathered together inside a druid's groves. The druids guarded the people from dangerous monsters and harmful vegetation of the region, just like they protected the environment from the people. Eventually the community advanced, and what was once a small village became a heavily fortified city.

This bastion stands as the capital of Terra in Grunwald, with defenses that are nigh impenetrable. The city’s thick and high walls are made from rocks and stones mined in the quarries at the mountain range, and most would assume that the building foundation would not be structurally sound due to the plants and vines that grow there. Thankfully enough, the past Grand Sorceresses were able to manipulate the plant growth using their magic. Thus, landmarks like the grand Atheneum and the Conservatory could be built. Other than its architecture, the city is popular for its Terran cuisine, that mainly consists of fresh produce from the forest and farm, whether it’s animal or plant based. Perhaps the most well-known Grunwald cuisine is none other than the Grunschnitz, a deep-fried breaded meat served with vegetables. As for beverages, the Sage Tea takes the crown; it is made from Grunwald’s Pale Malachite flower infusion and known for its soothing and calming sensation.

The current state of Grunheim had been achieved thanks to its people, especially the leaders. Figures such as Queen Medea, wife of King Amar and the Grand Sorceress of Terra; Emeras, the Crown Prince and Royal Guard; and Jakk, Archdruid of Grunheim’s Druid Grove, have worked together extensively the past decades in ensuring Terra’s growth and development. Other than the people, creatures and beasts are an integral part of Grunheim. For example, Berilo and Arbrillo that love to plant seeds, Paradees that protects the skyline from danger, and Zaldrin that is trained as part of the Terran’s defense force, are among the creatures that play important roles in Grunheim.

Yet despite the symbiosis of all creatures in Grunheim, the lands outside the city are known to be dangerous. Every once in a while, deadly weeds and parasitic vines would spread, eliminating other plants. At times, predatory monsters would go on a rampage, attacking anything on sight. Grand Sorceresses of Grunheim and druids of Grunwald would perform a ritual to appease the god, Yggdra, with offerings in the form of natural products they gather from farms and forests. It would be done right outside the city walls, attracting the deadly weeds and dangerous creatures that would then consume the offerings, satiating their hunger.