noxferrum Region


The desolate valleys of the South, a place devotees call home and the curious thrive, Noxferrum is a land brimming with magic. Arcane energies have always coursed through the lands, both a blessing and a curse for the inhabitants of this region. Gifted wizards and sorcerers hail from here, not shying away from the arts that most would fear. In Noxferrum, a very few would concern themselves with ethics and morals; everything is but means to an end.

As magic flows through the veins of the earth, it kills most plants with its overwhelming intensity, soiling most crops and produces. In turn, rich reserves of minerals can be found deep within the layers of the earth— such as in Crus Mines, an area actively absorbing and storing magic within. Having this valuable resource activates the economy of this region, utilizing said minerals as trinkets to ward off harmful magic and or channel the wearer’s personal power.

Tenebris is the most faithful of all factions, yet faith never truly guarantees peace. This very same devotion had always been a part of the South, and divided them when the Ancient Gods arrived in the past. Worshippers of many different deities saw the Ancient Gods as a threat to their beliefs. Battles were waged between mortals against the divine, and the divine against the each other. The scale of these catastrophic events resulted in landmarks forever desecrated, unable to be mended. Through countless hardships, the people of the past would soon accept their newfound faith and change their ways.

As the gods vanished, the region fell into despair once more, almost returning to their old ways. Amar however, offered the people in here salvation, convincing them that not all was lost— that the gods had not abandoned them. What they saw in Amar was his virtue and command, and they trusted him to lead them back to the light. Still, it would not put an end to the unrest for some, for they would later turn back to the old, misguided ways.

In a land so mystifying, the inhabitants are only as mysterious and curious about what wonders lie beneath it. Individuals such as Zabinne, the Warlock, have made her name known throughout the kingdom, as a chosen Grand Sorceress and an ally to the goddess Naaru herself. Nyxio, a Royal Guard, is sworn to protect the crown and the faction, gifted magic that borders life and death itself. Though amidst these ambitious minds, Arytha stands her ground to protect the poor and the weak, earning her the title as the Grand Ambassador.

The people however, are not the only things short of extraordinary. The Wizarding Tower has been the backbone of most Tenebrisian marvels, such as synthetic foods to counteract the lack of vegetation available. This is attributed to the the excess resources Noxferrum has compared to other regions: magic and minerals. Aspiring individuals also find their ways to experiment lifeforms— a notion to break through restraints and limits placed by mortals. One of wizards’ proudest invention is Magicat; a sentient array of gemstones in a form of a friendly feline. Yava too, though an accident, is a capable monster that keeps the region clean of dirt and mess. Who knows what other fantastical discoveries that can be found behind the intricacies and cavities of this mystical valleys…