noxferrum Region


Standing at the southern tip of the continent, Nox’rum, originally known as Noxarrum, is the capital of Noxferrum. The city originated as seven villages standing on seven hills, situated by a river that had been dried up by excessive magical experimentation. Each village used to worship different deities and entities, but eventually united when the Aruna civilization attacked, forcing them to band together as a polytheistic society. At last the Arunas collapsed, and Nox’rum thrived. Centuries later, the goddess Naaru arrived and the people began to worship her. However, religious practices from their older gods continued, as Tenebrisians believed that those deities were simply aspects of Naaru.

Nox’rum serves as the center of religion and education in the South, supported by strong Tenebrisian institutions. The Cathedral of Naaru, open to people from all across Avarus to practice their faith, is the most famous religious landmark. Meanwhile, the Tenebris Bibliotheca serves as one of the largest repositories of books, scrolls, and tomes, on ethical monster experimentation, records of magic, and even the oldest scripture regarding holy runes. As for their cuisine, Nox’rum seldom has fertile soil to produce food, so they synthesize fresh ingredients imported from outside or gathered from around the region, using magical energy from Polaryx Pass.

The city is the home of almost a hundred thousand Tenebrisians. Among them are important figures that are shaping the course of Noxferrum and the Kingdom of Avarik as a whole. The most famous out of all Tenebrisians is arguably Nyxio, the Death Knight, who was chosen as the protector of Tenebris and one of the Royal Guards. Other than Nyxio, figures such as Zabinne the Warlock, Grand Sorceress of Tenebris, and Arytha the Raider, Marksman Ambassador, also call Nox’rum their home.

Despite the glory and riches, Nox’rum is far from the utopia that its people believe it to be. Old sects and antediluvian cults are still lurking in the darkness, worshipping the entities that most have long forgotten. Cries of heresy have been uttered by various priests of the church, demanding religious unity among the Tenebrisians. Hence a dilemma arises from this situation: Should the believers of the four Ancient Gods tolerate these religious groups, or declare them as a threat to Tenebris?