vinterberg Region


Winter was heading north, and it was not going to be a kind one. Settlers of the North knew that they would not survive this, so they had to come up with something. Though their methods of pursuing the truth were different, logic and reason were the things they could agree upon—so they cast away their pride to preserve the northerners’ teachings. They managed to build a city based on knowledge and justice, the principles which they valued most. This city would later be known as Eisdorf, the Enlightened City.

The city has preserved and passed down the knowledge from its predecessors; many scholars and researchers flock here to study the arts of Glacian technology and magic. Breakthrough equipment such as a “preservation chamber” allows Glacian to maintain the condition of objects inside it—living or not. Magic-powered gadgets are also popular here, enabling even common folk to defend themselves with powerful spells. Eisdorf is also a haven for those who pursue academic life, backed with innumerable pages of books in Libreria, the largest library in Avarus. Visitors can also take on a more leisurely activity in Eisdorf, partaking in fishing competitions that are held regularly. This opportunity allows them to enjoy the Glacian famous seafood assortment and appreciate the culture that dates back to before the city was even formed.

Eisdorf still stands strong to this day, thanks to the great-minded individuals the city has raised through decades. Take Noviel the Bard, who sings the tune of old, yet more of her stories are untold. Radia the Paladin is also renowned for his strategic mind, which can only be matched by his skill with a sword. Then there is Ysilda the Ice Wizard, who despite her calm and quiet demeanor, can summon the fiercest of ice hails within her fingertips. The harsh climate too serves as a natural impediment to many who dare to strike the heart of Glacian, as well as monsters that have long adapted to it. Beasts such as Heisky and Trunkdra have shown their resourcefulness by utilizing the environment for their attacks. Clever and lethal, fools will find themselves outwitted and outmatched against many who call the north their home.

Considering those factors, Eisdorf has been praised as the center of the research facility, much to the jealousy of the other capitals. History books also mention that Amar first approached the now Glacian before he conquered the rest of the continent—which started rumors that a certain bias might be at play here. Their suspicion grows stronger too as Glacian spearheaded themselves ahead of the others in the fields of science. Still, Glacian are unbothered by such hearsay and only focus on what matters. To them, truth serves justice, and they shall let their accomplishments speak for themselves.